This week’s group chat was all about the importance of website security all due to the WiFi hacks that were announced last Monday. For more information on “Black Monday” and how your WiFi devices are at risk, check out this informative article.

In this day and age, site security is so important.  Just about every week now, we hear of a new hack happening on sites we thought we “un-hackable.”  So for our discussion, we were asked to research several different security and backup plugins for our sites and weigh our options. Most of us use WordPress so all of the plugins were WordPress friendly. Our options were:

For Security


For Back Ups

Updraft Plus
All in One WP Migration 
Backup Buddy

After a lot of great discussion, we were to pick out top choices for security and back ups. I’m not going to share my choices here but I now understand the overall importance of having both. No one wants their site to get hacked and all the chaos that ensues from that. That’s why security is so important to have. Still don’t believe me, check this out.


“How Firewalls Work” by Comodo Firewall

And on the off chance that you do get hacked, you want to make sure you can restore your site to its former glory (with a great new security plugin installed so the hacking won’t happen again!). That’s were a reliable back up plugin comes in.


So the choice is yours! But the importance of security and back up plugins can not be stressed enough. Research the few plugins I’ve listed and find the best option for you. You won’t regret it.