This week’s group chat was all about resources to test websites.  Seeing as I’m still a newbie to all this, I didn’t have much to contribute.  However, I learned a lot from my fellow classmates!  Without further ado, here are my top tools to use when testing a website:

This one is kind a a no brainer.  I’ve used this for all my sites so far.  Everyone needs to validate their code, and what better place to do it than with w3.  It’s your one stop shop for code validation and its fairly simple to use.


This one was new to me.  It works with Chrome DevTools (my go-to for EVERYTHING!) or you can get it as a Chrome Extension.  This puppy generates reports on how a page loads and what’s slowing it down.  Truth be told, as soon as I read up on this one, I got the Chrome Extension and have been using it ever since.
This one is simple to use.  Just plug in the url you are testing and it will generate a report on how fast your page loaded and what could be slowing it down.  Very handy to have!

I feel like I’ve used this tool before it was mentioned in the chat.  This one will help you to “de-bloat” your images and metadata to save disk space.  Definitely worth a look.