This week’s group chat was meant as part ‘inspirational pep talk’ and part ‘look what types of jobs are out there.’  We read an article about Uber and their newest software engineering apprentices.  Needless to say, for all of us, it was EXACTLY what we needed to hear at this point in the program!

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The article introduced us to Uber and their latest recruits for their intern program.  The sheer diversity of backgrounds and interests in the new recruits was fascinating to see.  No one had a strictly IT/tech background.  Some came from psychology and education.  Age, race, gender appeared to be varied and diverse as well.  What they all had in common was they were self motivated and open to lifelong learning.
One of the beautiful things about programming is how many ways there are to learn it. With the explosion of online courses, tutorials, videos, and bootcamps, learning to code is more popular and accessible than ever for aspiring software engineers. – Ginny Fahs

Key Qualities for Breaking into the Tech World

I would say anyone interested in web development has to have these qualities because it is an ever changing field.  New techniques and discoveries are made every day that are almost impossible to stay on top of.  And most of the time, you have to go about and figure it out yourself.  How many developers today are self taught?  Without this motivation, this draw to lifelong learning, and the passion to create new things, online code schools like Treehouse, CodeAcademy, and would not be so successful!

Coding Boot Camps… Yes or No?

Most of the Uber candidates were recruited straight out of coding boot camps.  That got my class talking about the appeal of coding boot camps and online programs.  For people who chose the boot camp route, its an intense 3-4 months of nothing but code.  There’s no outside distractions like jobs and extracurricular activities.  While intense, it’s a great way to really learn code and to not forget what you’ve learned because you haven’t coded every day (which is a problem I have due to my full time job and, you know, life).
Web Developer

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Like I said at the top, this article was chosen as ‘part pep talk’ for some of us in the program.  I’ve reached the dreaded PHP/Databases portion of the program which takes a lot of concentration.  As one of my classmates stated, “You have great success one day and then come back the next feeling like you have no clue what’s going on.”  It’s so easy to get weighed down by doubt and uncertainty.  But reading this article about people who made it through the tough stuff and found the light (and more importantly, the job) on the other side was inspiring.
code journey
So wherever you are in your coding journey, remember that there is hope. As my instructor very cleverly stated at the end of our discussion, “Your Uber could be right around the corner!”  😉