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Can I Use That? Copyright Infringement with Fonts and Images

This week’s group chat was inspired by a question I posed to my instructor on a freelance project I was working on.  The client was very specific on what font they wanted used on the project.  However, when I looked for the font, I realized that it wasn’t available on any of the free directories like Google Fonts.  It would have to be purchased.  In the end, I was able to find a similar, free font that the client liked.  This experience led to this week’s discussion on Font Infringement and Copyright on Images.

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Ergonomic Web Design: How the Best Do Their Best Work

Do you have a home office? A desk in the corner of your living room? A TV tray for your laptop? Maybe you’re a digital nomad with your office being any coffee shop you see fit that day?  What’s your ideal work situation?

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Uber’s New Recruits (and the Light at the End of the Tunnel)

This week’s group chat was meant as part ‘inspirational pep talk’ and part ‘look what types of jobs are out there.’  We read an article about Uber and their newest software engineering apprentices.  Needless to say, for all of us, it was EXACTLY what we needed to hear at this point in the program!

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Accessibility and UX Dreams

This week I’ve been learning all about Accessibility and the User Experience.  I gotta say, after learning about what User Experience Designers do, I’m fascinated and actively researching the field!  So much goes into the User Experience than just the look of the webpage.  I had no idea!

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CSS Grid and Flexbox Save the Day!

Our latest assignment calls for us to redesign the discography home page we did awhile back using CSS Grid and Flexbox instead of the framework Bootstrap.  After watching numerous videos and reading tons of articles by the pros, I think I finally got it!

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Everything CSS Grids

This week we are learning about CSS Grid Layout, the latest and greatest thing to hit the web!  I’ve taken a personal interest in CSS Grid since my Zen Garden project a few months back.  I could have used this!!!  Layout with CSS is no joking matter.  So this week, we read some blog posts and studied the new masters of CSS Grid:  Jen Simmons and Rachel Andrews.

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Tips for Landing a Junior Web Developer Job

job seekerThis week’s group chat had us reading a popular article from the ‘get hired’ site, Skillcrush on how to land a junior web developer job.  Who doesn’t want to work in tech these days? After seeing and hearing things about Google’s Googleplex or Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters or even just the chance of working remotely from wherever, just about everyone is looking to break into the tech world!

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Responsive Web Design

For an introduction into responsive web design, I read Ethan Marcotte’s revolutionary article that started it all.  To think, this article was written back in 2010 and look how much it has changed web design today!

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Honest UIs and Shady Web Design

This week’s group chat focused on Graeme Fulton’s article about Honest User Interfaces and shady practices in web design. This article was a real eye-opener for me! I’ve always been aware (and annoyed) by such practices on the web. It’s one of the reasons I dropped Facebook from my life. However, I didn’t know how far it went.

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CSS Grid is HERE!!!

This week’s group chat discussed the brand new CSS grid layout that hit the web recently.  I could have REALLY used this for my last assignment!  Trying to figure out floats and inline-blocks in CSS is quite the trip for a newbie developer.  Shout out to all the extremely helpful developers on Twitter and in real life who helped me with that debacle.
It’s time to design layouts like we design everything else — typography, color — unique to each project  -Jen Simmons
Jen Simmons’ article on the new CSS grid layout enlightened me on what I need to focus on going forward.  After reading her article, I scoured the web and Twitter on anything and everything I could find on this new layout and its future.  There’s a lot of excitement about this.  I guess my own frustrations about CSS layout were pretty commonplace.

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