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UX Design with Susan Simkins

Activity:  UX Design with Susan Simkins from Big Wing Media
Description of Activity:  Donuts and Demo Presentation
Date(s) of Activity (also include times):  October 14, 2017 @ 10am

Student Evaluation:

  1. Why did you select this activity?  I am very interested in the field of UX Design.
  2. Would you recommend this activity for other students? Why or why not?  I thought this was a fascinating talk, not just about UX but about the changing concepts within the tech field.  Careers are constantly changing and evolving as new expectations and demands are being made.
  3. What did you like best about this activity?  I enjoyed learning about the different resources to check out if one is interested in pursuing a career in this field.  And learning about Atomic Design which was a great new discovery for me!
  4. What did you like least about this activity? How would you make the activity better?  I thought it was a great presentation!  I would have liked if it lasted longer with more explanation of the day-to-day.
  5. What is a creative idea/concept you can take away from this experience and possibly implement into your work?  I plan on going through all the resources she listed and delving deeper into UX.  It’s such a new and evolving field that I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially in OKC!

UX Resources:


UX Team of One by Leah Buley
Just Enough Research by Erika Hall
Observing the User Experience

Online Courses:

Interaction Design Foundation
YouTube (Research sources)


Space, the Final Divide to Overcome

This week, we discussed several articles on space in design.  The article I connected with the most was Space in Design Systems by Nathan Curtis on Medium

There is a line drawn in the sand (or maybe code) between designers and developers. It’s often argued about but never directly discussed. SPACE! So much rage, frustration, and confusion is encapsilated by a single concept. You know what I’m talking about. But maybe there is a solution!

Space epitomizes the ‘I design this way, you build that way’ gap between design and dev. – Nathan Curtis

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Accessibility and UX Dreams

This week I’ve been learning all about Accessibility and the User Experience.  I gotta say, after learning about what User Experience Designers do, I’m fascinated and actively researching the field!  So much goes into the User Experience than just the look of the webpage.  I had no idea!

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CSS Grid and Flexbox Save the Day!

Our latest assignment calls for us to redesign the discography home page we did awhile back using CSS Grid and Flexbox instead of the framework Bootstrap.  After watching numerous videos and reading tons of articles by the pros, I think I finally got it!

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Everything CSS Grids

This week we are learning about CSS Grid Layout, the latest and greatest thing to hit the web!  I’ve taken a personal interest in CSS Grid since my Zen Garden project a few months back.  I could have used this!!!  Layout with CSS is no joking matter.  So this week, we read some blog posts and studied the new masters of CSS Grid:  Jen Simmons and Rachel Andrews.

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CSS Grid is HERE!!!

This week’s group chat discussed the brand new CSS grid layout that hit the web recently.  I could have REALLY used this for my last assignment!  Trying to figure out floats and inline-blocks in CSS is quite the trip for a newbie developer.  Shout out to all the extremely helpful developers on Twitter and in real life who helped me with that debacle.
It’s time to design layouts like we design everything else — typography, color — unique to each project  -Jen Simmons
Jen Simmons’ article on the new CSS grid layout enlightened me on what I need to focus on going forward.  After reading her article, I scoured the web and Twitter on anything and everything I could find on this new layout and its future.  There’s a lot of excitement about this.  I guess my own frustrations about CSS layout were pretty commonplace.

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CSS Zen Garden Project

This week’s project asks us to take a look at the CSS Zen Garden Project and begin a redesign of the page.  This will require some serious CSS skills and a basic review of all the design elements we’ve been learning over the last few weeks.  Speaking as someone who never thought they had much interest in design, I have to say this project has been a blast to work on and has really opened up my creative side!

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Design Principles for the Clueless Web Design Newbie

For this week’s group chat, we discussed this article about design principles and how to use them to evaluate your product…web sites.  On first reading, I came at this as a consumer.  Most of the principles discussed brought to mind my beloved iPhone and its flawless design and intuitive simplicity.  But we weren’t tasked with coming at this as consumers, but as web designers… so here goes.

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Bootstrap: To Use or Not to Use… That is the Question

For this week’s group chat we had to read two articles on popular framework site, Bootstrap.  I haven’t gotten far enough in the coursework yet to have played around with Bootstrap but I’ve heard about it from friends and fellow students to be curious about it.

The pro-Bootstrap article can be found here.

The anti-Bootstrap article can be found here.

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Web Design 101 for the Clueless Web Developer

This week, our focus is web design.  Let me start this post off with a small confession… I have absolutely no art skills to speak of.  I am ruled by my left brain.  So the idea of web design both excites and terrifies me.  But this week’s lesson opened my eyes to some new concepts I’d noticed, but have never been able to identify.  Let’s dive in!

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