Do you have a home office? A desk in the corner of your living room? A TV tray for your laptop? Maybe you’re a digital nomad with your office being any coffee shop you see fit that day?  What’s your ideal work situation?

This week’s group chat discussed rig setups and ergonomic offices. We took a look at top designer’s home offices to get an idea of how the best get to work.

My Home Setup…

For my personal setup, I tend to lean more towards the digital nomad lifestyle. My main machines is a 13’ MacBook Pro. I also rely heavily on my iPad Pro for a second screen as well as for many design elements and general web browsing.

home office

While I have a desk in my home office, I find myself on my couch most nights with my MacBook on my lap or on a TV tray. I will be the first to admit that while comfortable, this is not the ideal ergonomic situation.

standing desk

My ideal situation would be a standing desk in my house with the option to lower it when I need to. I’d also like to invest in a bigger screen to hook my MacBook up to so I can see more (a 13’ screen is very portable but not idea when it comes to multiple screens open at once!).